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T T -

I really would love to give this gym 5 stars or even 4 stars for that matter but it’s just too filthy! I take 1 star away for how dirty it is, just walking in the gym walk up the stairs and notice how dirty stairs are, don’t drop anything on floor , every wall corner covered in dust and hair, it also smells like mildew around free weights, I take another star for broken equipment when it’s already limited, only good thing is location and bench press. Not many 5lb, 10lb weights most are 45 or 25plates . Also gym weight and equipment is like 20yrs old Notes to management if you want this gym to be special cater to the gym goers. Keep stairs clean, keep weights in order, add Odor neutralizers, actually deep vacuum floors regularly not just sweeping certain spots, for how much money they make on memberships the cleaning crew should be bigger and clean floors better but I guess they don’t care . They just pickup paper but no dust or dirt

Jamal Rodriguez -

This gym is big and has a bunch of equipment. The problem here is 1. Weights are literally everywhere. Never organized. Never put back. 2. Restrooms are always out of service. I don’t think the stalls in the men’s restroom has worked since last year 2021. 3. The staff is friendly. Im sure they have good intentions and want to promote a good environment but most of the time they look depressed or angry. I personally am A friendly guy and try to always smile and say hi. I understand it’s not required for people to do it back but it really makes it hard to want to be here. 4. I cant name 1 time where I’ve seen staff walk around and want to make the gym a better environment

Oscar -

06-21-22. I got the 3 day pass online that the website advertises, I told my friend to get the free pass too so we could test it. ( we’re looking for a new gym since ours closed) around 8:08 pm the guy working there with curly- nest alike black hair, skinny , and brightening personality was completely uninterested to help me and my friend once they knew we had the pass. He made us wait just tell us that the manager was not there and that we have to come next day. ( there are three people working there ) which place leaves unattended its service without supervision) He said the manager would be there until next day at 11 am. Is this how you try to advertise your gym and turn future customers away? How am I supposed to know if I want to work out there if I’m being immediately sent away from the pass 24hours fitness told me I could use? There was not warning saying “ if the manager is not there , you will not get admitted “ or even warning what time they suggested to come to make use of the pass. I read the reviews about how filthy the bathrooms and place is but now I have a second reason to keep looking a different gym. If anything helps, I have been lifting for 3 years until my gym closed.

Josie Quinn -

3 stars is generous for this gym. The pros about this gym is the location (near home), each locker room has a sauna (men & womens), the AC was nice and that’s it. The gym is very dirty, extremely dirty. There was a cleaning lady doing the best she could with what she had to clean up but sadly it wasn’t enough. She needs help and better supplies. She was mopping the sauna with dirty mop water from outside. There’s tons of dirt and hair on the floors especially in the group exercise space. The gym equipment is ok but could use updating. There’s no parking on weekends and street parking is like finding a needle in a sack of hay. The team members could use customer service training. I get it but they could at least fake it while they’re on the clock.

Omari Jinaki -

They have a few real pull up bars for calisthenics. Only one bar for muscle-ups though. It's downstairs between the squat racks. The 2 pullup bars upstairs are too close to the ceiling to muscle-up. 3 sets of legit dip bars for calisthenics. No push up bars. But overall one of the best gyms in L.A. for pure calisthenics. All the 24 hour fitness gyms are different. a lot of them aren't even 24 hours This. Some close at 11pm! Some close at 10pm! This location is ACTUALLY 24 HOURS. 7 DAYS A WEEK. Gold's downtown on 7th/Fig is great too for pure calisthenics. But the Gold's Hollywood location is bad for calisthenics.

MD Mahmudul Chowdhury -

I came tonight and went there to ask about gym membership and parking facilities l. The front desk girl didn’t even wanted to talk to me! She was sitting in the chair crossing the legs! I was asking her questions, she wasn’t even trying to listen or show any respect. She was talking very rude and was very unhelpful! Thought I would buy membership there since I’ve just moved to LA, but I guess no more. Other gym much better.

jacki o -

Disgusting. I’ve been coming here for a few months and noticed it never gets cleaned. Vents, machines, walls are really really dusty. Like never been dusted dusty. Stairway to upper level has a bunch of hair and dirt and paper towels on every step. Prisons are cleaner than this place. Not worth it.

Zach DeLorenzo -

Signed up online for the free 3 day pass, it says I can just walk in and work out. I go to this location ready to work out but they said I couldn’t because I needed to make an appointment to start my 3 day free pass? I’ll never step foot in one of these again. The lady was also very rude. I hate this place.

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