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Patrick Regan -

Was there for the last 6 months and absolutely loved the place. Had some really kind trainers that I got to know during my time there. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the area and needing a high quality gym to use.

Fara Moshfegh -

If you are looking to work out at a place that is not very busy or want to work out one on one with a trainer this place is it. Have been training there over 15 years, free parking with validation, friendly staff.

David Condon -

Very nice people ! haS the latest gym equipment just workout and go home gym nothing too fancy just results

Final -

Small gym with enough machines, dumbbells and racks for the amount of people that come. Everyone is super friendly. Can get a little busy later in the day early in the week when people are motivated, but is practically empty on Thursdays to Sundays. Most of the clients here are older, so I hardly ever see anyone in the squat cage or barbell rack, which is great for me when my 2 hour workout is built around it. $80ish a month, but its month to month with no contract needed. Worth the privacy when compared to the crowded LA Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness. Update 03/2019: I still love this gym but it has gotten a lot, lot busier lately. Sometimes trainers aren’t proactive about wiping benches, picking up immediately after they move to a different exercise, will sit on unused benches while their clients are on another bench taking up the very limited space already in this gym, or will use squat racks to box, stretch, or do curls in. Their is one full squat rack and one bench rack, and a lot of the time people will bench in the squat rack, which can be frustrating, too. Most people are friendly when you ask if you can use something, but hoping they can be a little more considerate, especially during more busy hours.

S John -

After 5 phone calls to remove me from credit card charges I'm still getting charged on my credit card. I left the gym in mid-July and was charged for Aug, Set and Oct. Very unprofessional!

Bryce Caster -

I have been a member for 4 years. Does it have the vast amenities of a larger gym? No, but it has everything you really need. Also, the staff, trainers and members are very nice.

Larry Legend -

Had a good experience at life gym! Will Garcia helped me with everything I needed. Will is easy going and very fun to work with.

Saul Martins -

can get a really good workout.

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12424 Wilshire Blvd Suite 101, Los Angeles, CA 90025
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